Saturday, January 29, 2011

1-26-2011 left Hawaii for Phoenix was a good flight. Got in at midnight and flight to Tucson. Did not leave till 830 the next morning. I spent some time on the floor just like some homeless guy at the airport. Was ok but no can sleep every 15 min recording came on "No smoking in the airport, n no carry someone else's bags on the plane etc".

Arrived in Tucson at 9 am got my bags and caught the Super Shuttle to Canyon State RV. Larry and the guys did an excellent job on repairing the "Gus" that's the name of my RV. Which is also my mainland handle.

The "Beast" Ford truck was repaired and looking good. I had to pay deductible of $375 and another $50 for checking and greasing hubs. I gotta admit I was nervous driving Gus after so long plus very little sleep.

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