Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I go shopping at Safeway, get some diesel yikes $4.25 gallon in Bullhead city only $3.55 gallon. This is a cool town all touristy stuff cuz of Grand Canyon. I had no idea I thought it was a quite laid back town.


Soo tired today just veg out watch TV take nap eat in cruise

Arizona 8-12

I drove the 4 1/2 hour drive to Albuquerque and decided what the heck I feel good just keep going. Why spend one night only to drive again the next morning. So 11 1/2 hours later I arrived in Williams Arizona just an hour south of the Grand Canyon National Park. Pulled in to Canyon Motel n RV Park just after dark. Had dinner in town at Pine Country Restaurant, roast chicken baked tater and big ass pie (only had 1/4 of it too much sugar). Cool little town will check out more later I will be here a month waiting for temps to lower in Bullhead City.

Amarillo 8-11

Arrived at Amarillo in the late afternoon, got a site at The Oasis RV park this is one cool place really big, nice swimming pool. I had chicken wings in their little restaurant. They also serve home made pizza they got this huge pizza oven.


I met Sammy at donut shop had to go to town for some petro. We talked about old times and I really had a great visit with Sammy and his family. Thanks Blays for the fun and for taking me around town. Headed West for Amarillo....


Sammy picked me up n took me to Forth Worth to the Stockyard, a tourist place all about cowboys n the Experience. Really cool shoping and we got to see a live stampede through town at 1600. Sammy took me to the White Elephant bar scene of CD's Bar in Texas Walker TV shows, that was one cool experience... We had some more beers and cruised the town...

Cody Blay

Sweety n Sammy picked me up and we had dinner at Cody's place of work BBQ, I had fried catfish n okra ono stuff.

Springtown Texas

Made it to Outwest RV park. Sammy arrived shortly n took me to meet Sweety at their home. They got horses n trailers and five cars neat little Ranch house. We had dinner at El Cerrito and toured the little town...

Killeen Texas

On 8-8-2012 I loaded up the truck and headed North. So sad to leave Killeen but I been here for six months enough already. I will surely miss my little Grandson Xavian and Elisha. Everyday I think of that little guy and miss him so much n my little girl too.