Monday, January 31, 2011

We made it to movies. Big theatre nice place harkens 18 plex only $7. Headed back to RV but Charlie stopped for a $5 Little Caesar pizza no exercise tomorrow hah.
Today is was little rain so no fishin. I stead coffee mc d's yup diff old people. Chuck took me to his gym and I signed up for the three weeks I going be here.
 We went into Silver Sneakers Muscle Strength Class. Just for old folks I was youngest one there and still had hard time with most of the work out. We used little weights stretch ropes and a small squeezey ball.
Supposed to go movies at 1500 but it's already 1450 no call yet think maybe he stood me up. Oh well if so off to jack cuzzzzi.

Yesterday we had coffee and mc d's just like the old people over there. Sat around lookin at chicks walkin n talkin bout how some old guy is getting scoldings from his wife.

Then he took me to John F Kennedy park got small lake I friends me to his friend fishing caught good size trout. Say we going fishing soon maybe 2 morrow.

Howzit it howzit.

Met an old friend from last year at this park he is retired from Chicago police. He lives in Chicago but comes to Tucson to get away from snow. His wife is there with 21" of snow this weekend n he glad to be in Tucson.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Was able to clean bedroom linen and that end of the RV. Cruised today also napped yeah. Spent time in jackcuzzi and had some fish from China. Gotta love them Chinese they are ok in my books. I mean frozen Tilapia from China. Rudy would love this place two pounds for just $7. No can beat.

Second night was fricken cold agin. Need nother heater for otherside of RV cold that area in morning.
Well I be here for three weeks before head to Yuma Arizona for the Passport America RV rally. Stay tuned and happy trails.

Gus n the Dukester
He was so excited to come home and he jumped right into the truck. I took him for a run in the desert near our park. The kennel took some cool pics of him having his Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Thanks to Cassie and the gang at, At Home Kennels super job. Cost me $1,305 to board Dukester for 96 days I got 20% discount for long term.
At 1230 arrived at Desert Trails RV and Ms Andrea had me an excellent spot in the front of the park really big area so easy to back in. Cleaned up a bit and went to Walgreens to get some groceries. Got dark around 630 and damn what a cd night was 38 at 7 am. Yikes I just have coffee and some boiled eggs. Headed out about 830 to get Dukester.
1-26-2011 left Hawaii for Phoenix was a good flight. Got in at midnight and flight to Tucson. Did not leave till 830 the next morning. I spent some time on the floor just like some homeless guy at the airport. Was ok but no can sleep every 15 min recording came on "No smoking in the airport, n no carry someone else's bags on the plane etc".

Arrived in Tucson at 9 am got my bags and caught the Super Shuttle to Canyon State RV. Larry and the guys did an excellent job on repairing the "Gus" that's the name of my RV. Which is also my mainland handle.

The "Beast" Ford truck was repaired and looking good. I had to pay deductible of $375 and another $50 for checking and greasing hubs. I gotta admit I was nervous driving Gus after so long plus very little sleep.
Aloha everyone, vacation in Hawaii for three months was awesome. Lots of good kind grinds. Roger took me to Thelma's and we had their famous roast pork w/ tomatoes. Dad and I ate at Jackie's good kin pateles n tripe stew.

Spent lots of time at Ruby Tuesdays and other Fav spots. I gained 20 lbs and now need to lose it and sure lots more.