Wednesday, May 1, 2013

San Antonio Festival

Well I returned from my trip to San Antonio Texas. I had the best time visiting with my Grandson Xavian and Elisha n Gary. It was so cool to see that little boy walking and making noises saying a few words. The best part was when I walked down the stairs in the morning and he was already there, I would call to him and he would run up to me arms stretched like pick me up gramps....... That was da bestest evers....... We also went to the Kiddie Park, n had fun watching Xavian ride the rides but he neva have that much good fun was kinda scared of the rides... I also had a great time at the San Antonio Festival. I got to spend time with my old Navy brudah Ruben Garcia, Terry Lucarelli (wife Patty), and Sammy Blay aka da real cowboy...... We tripped around the festival couple times drinking and eating all kinds of tacos. Great time with good friends... The drive back 1210 miles whew, we left early Sunday morning got up to 841 miles that first day and decided to stop at a Budget Inn for the night. Yikes nasty carpet and walls, but we walked with slippers and left early in the morning returning to Bullhead City by Monday afternoon.